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An Acceptable Ads Advertiser Solution

Demand Side Platform

Trestle is built on world class DSP infrastructure. We deliver Acceptable Ads with targeting and tracking enabled.

How does it work?


An ad-blocking user visits a website that supports Acceptable Ads.


The website sends user info to the ad exchange/SSP.


The ad exchange/SSP offers user info to the available DSPs.


The advertisers place bids through a DSP.


The most compliant and suitable bid wins the ad placement.


The ad exchange/SSP verifies the qualified bid and serves the ad.

Campaign Management

We know our users. We also know publisher inventory. Let us do the heavy lifting and provide you with seamless campaign management.

You can expect transparent execution, optimization and reporting. Our world-class campaign managers work closely with you to understand your campaign goals and will set you up with the right strategy.