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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trestle?

Trestle is the only advertiser solution in the market that reaches ad-filtering users at scale. Trestle works with the Acceptable Ads Standard [1] - an independently established and transparent set of criteria for nonintrusive ads which are shown to the over 225 million Acceptable Ads users [2] across the globe.

[1] Acceptable Ads Standard: In order for an ad to be deemed acceptable, i.e. light and nonintrusive, it must adhere to standards that have been set forth by the Acceptable Ads Committee.
[2] Acceptable Ads users: Some are ad-blocking users, but they’re typically ad-filtering users who are open to see ads that do not disrupt the browsing experience. They understand that they get content for free and that is because of ads.

Who owns Trestle?

Trestle started within the eyeo ecosystem of products. Trestle's mission is to help advertisers access the hard-to-reach ad-filtering audiences and facilitate a simplified, improvised and measurable value exchange between users, advertisers and publishers.

Who can use Trestle?

Advertisers can use Trestle to reach over 225 million ad-filtering users who consent to see nonintrusive and light ads that adhere to the Acceptable Ads Standard.

Is Trestle available worldwide?

Not yet. Trestle launched in the United States to start. But since there are millions of Acceptable Ads users worldwide, in time, Trestle will launch in other markets as well.

Why was Trestle created?

Trestle was created out of a need to improve the value exchange between users, publishers and advertisers, which meant there needs to be a solution for all three.

At present, there are only solutions for users and publishers but none for advertisers. By creating demand-side services, we will enable advertisers to participate in the value exchange, creating a win-win situation for all.

How does Trestle work?

  • An “ad-filtering” user visits a website that supports Acceptable Ads.
  • The website checks for an ad blocker and sends a limited number of ad requests to an Acceptable Ads Supply Side Platform (SSP).
  • The ad exchange generates a bid request to the relevant Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).
  • Acceptable Ads-compliant, as well as non-compliant, creatives participate in the auction.
  • Trestle ensures your creative is compliant with the Acceptable Ads Standard and your trackers are served.
  • The Acceptable Ads SSP checks for a compliant creative and serves the ad.

Does Trestle collect or process data? Will data be shared with third parties?

Trestle is a data processor that is fully compliant with data protection laws (GDPR and CCPA). Trestle does not collect or own any user data, and we only process data on behalf of our clients.

Is Trestle a Demand Side Platform (DSP)?

No. Trestle is an advertiser solution that specializes in helping advertisers reach a unique set of hard-to-reach consumers. Our unique offer consists of audiences and the media (publishers), which makes Trestle more than an ordinary DSP.

Where does the Trestle inventory/supply come from?

Over 50% of the Comscore top 100 publishers that rely on ads to monetize their ad blocking inventory via Acceptable Ads. Trestle presents an opportunity to serve ads on these Acceptable Ads partner publishers.

Reach out to us for the entire publisher list.

What types of users does Trestle reach?

The over 225 million ad-filtering users who consent to see ads that adhere to the Acceptable Ads Standard. Learn more about our audience here.

How can I work with Trestle?

You can get in touch with us here and someone from the team will be in touch.

How do I login to the Trestle platform?

You can login with your email and password here.